Ufology is the study of UFO phenomenon and how it relates to the Alien agenda.


From 1947 to 1952, approximately thirteen "alien" UFOs, crashed or downed, were recovered within United States borders.[1]

. After all parts had been recovered, all items were then transfered to Hanger 18 at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


(1947), Project Grudge
(1949), Project Blue Book


. UFO parts likely moved to Hanger 18.

housed a downed UFO.[2]

, Nevada becomes fully operational. All military bases housing UFO parts and technology, throughout the US, are scheduled for transfer to this centralized location. Reverse engineering of alien technology (See Lacerta Interview 2000) begins shortly thereafter.

  • 1953. Project SIGMA, communications task, makes first contact with an alien force.[1][3]

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