UFO types are seen in many different colors, shapes and sizes all throughout the World.


Chevron - Thought to be a large vessel, like a mother-ship or possibly some type of "traveler" ship.


Cigar - A large vessel; possibly a "launch ship" for other vessels due to commonly witnessing smaller "lights" hovering around them. The Reptilians use cigar shaped ships, commonly with red-lighting.[1]

Egg shapedEdit

Egg - An egg shaped vessel that could be a type of escape pod or small transport vessel for individuals. Not very large but it also seems to have legs that allow it to land on the surface of a world. This ship is possibly owned and constructed by The Greys.

Foo FighterEdit

Foo Fighters are Nazi UFOs.

Light shapeEdit

Light - A typical light shape is in the form of a triangle.


The Ring - fairly recent vessel design encountered but it is unknown if this vessel is real since so few reports have confirmed this. Basically is is in the shape of a ring with a large "fiber optic" design on top of it with a couple "spikes" folding off of the "ring" section. These vessels seem to have many different designs since one was reported to be "upside down" and another was seen behind some mountains flipping over.


Fying Saucer - The most common design seen. As the name apply is what the vessel looks like. It has been reported once or twice that these vessels have energy weapons and can disable many technologies possibly through an advanced E.M.P. weapon.

Shoe boxedEdit

Shoe Box - Box shaped; cubed or rectangular.


Gold Sphere - Home world type vessel, to be owned by the Anunnaki. IT is said to be placed in the far reaches of the Solar System, Earth's star system, but this is unconfirmed.


UFO in Virginia, USA

UFO in Virginia, USA

Triangular UFOs are likely US government made and/or funded, based in black ops projects. In 2016, the recovery team for a downed triangular UFO in Bybee, Tennessee, were seen wearing black and armed with MP-5 submachine guns, which are not standard US military issue. MP-5's are made by H&K Firearms in Germany.[2] Triangular UFOs have also been witnessed in the Tri-Valley area, where another crash siting was reported near Clovis, California.[3]


Nuclear powered flying triangle


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