The UFO highway, (paranormal highway or extraterrestrial highway) is often designated to Nevada State Route 375 as a UFO hotspot. Rachel, Nevada sits near the center of the highway at Coordinates: 37°38′48″N 115°44′43″W. Ufologist Chuck Zukowski, who has cataloged UFO sightings, cattle mutilations, and notable paranormal sights, proposes that the UFO highway runs all along the 37th parallel north, even abroad.[1] Zukowski's theory and investigations are detailed in Ben Mezrich's The 37th Parallel.

United StatesEdit

The following is a comprehensive list of as many known paranormal sightings, notable sites, and UFO hotspots along the United States 37th parallel north (plus or minus one degree):

San Fransisco

The 37th parallelEdit

The 37th Parallel by Ben Mezrich

The 37th Parallel by Ben Mezrich

American author of nonfiction Ben Mezrich details Chuck Zukowski's efforts to track paranormal activity along the UFO highway, in his book, "The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth Behind America's UFO Highway. Microchip engineer and sheriff’s deputy Chuck Zukowski is obsessed with tracking down UFO reports in Colorado. He even takes the family with him on weekend trips to look for evidence of aliens. But this innocent hobby takes on a sinister urgency when Zukowski learns of mutilated livestock—whose exsanguination is inexplicable by any known human or animal means.[4]

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