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The Great Pyramid Engineering of Egyptian North Africa03:10

The Great Pyramid Engineering of Egyptian North Africa

Red Bag

Every morning, on the way to the park, a little boy and his grandmother passed a big gray building with large windows. It was always a very noisy and busy place. He knew that the place was a factory, and every time he passed it, he wanted to ask his grandmother what the people inside were making. But every time he was walking by, the loud noises coming from inside scared him and made him walk or even run away. He always forgot to ask his question. But that morning, it was unusually quiet. There were a few people outside; it looked like they were getting ready to do something important. Then the boy remembered what he always wanted to ask his grandmother, “What were the people inside making?” His grandmother stopped and said, “I think it’s a good time for you to look inside.”

New book published for children about family adventureEdit

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