The Intergalactic Union is a term coined by Jack & Nancy Malacaria to refer to an alleged Insterstallar Republic made up of an alliance of various species from galaxies in the Local Group.


The Project At Earth Wiki created by Jack & Nancy Malacaria, has over 200 pages of questions & answers regarding their contact experiences of extraterrestrial life and phenomena. They cover all topics, like disclosure, abductions, and planets. The Malacarias promote the Union's mission to help prepare intelligent civilizations in a level 2 or lower class, to be ready to join the "interstellar community". The Malacarias state that its purpose is to keep peace in the galaxies while its members work together in common interest and survival. Actively participating in this union are over 5,200 advanced intelligent races, each from their own world.

  • Andromeda (M-31)
  • Milky Way Galaxy
  • Triangulum Galaxy (M-33)
  • Large Magellantic Cloud
  • Small Magellantic Cloud


Screenshot 2017-05-15-07-42-39

Malacarias state "No abductions"

Screenshot 2017-05-15-07-43-37

Malacarias state "No Anunnaki"

This project could be a vector for misinformation because it dilutes the severity of UFO abductions, the presence of the Anunnaki, and celestial collision. The Malacarias clearly state on their Wiki that no abductions are being done, and that there are no Anunnaki. They also present Nibiru as a work of fiction. Although Nibiru is a hypothetical planet, the subject of collision is serious enough that Nibiru invokes discussions on Near Earth misses.


Many Ufologists and paranormal seekers have compared the Union with the Galactic Federation of Light which has been recieved with much skeptisim over the years. Some have argued that the stories and information told by the Malacarias and others is much more solved and greatly detailed when compared to the rather fantasy like stories told by those who claim to be members of the Federation. Skeptics still argue that there is no hard evidence to prove the existence of either organization.

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