Subterraneans are beings who operate below the surface of the Earth in underground dwellings.[1] The underground world is described as being inhabited by innumerable races throughout the porousness of the interior earth. Its vastness of cavities and irregularities serve to create free currents of air and frequent winds, and for the various modes in which heat is evaporated and thrown off.[2]

Pole entrancesEdit

AGARTHA (Inner Earth Entrance) at pole, viewed from MIR, by Astraelia02:04

AGARTHA (Inner Earth Entrance) at pole, viewed from MIR, by Astraelia

Underground TransitEdit

In 1972, Robert M. Salter, an American engineer for the RAND Corporation, advocated the vactrain, a very high-speed transit system (VHST). On June 11, 1972 Salter was interviewed by LA Times George Getz, where he talked about a high speed transit system that could move at speeds of 10,000 mph, using 1972 technologies. He promoted the system for environmental and economic reasons.[3]

On August 2nd, 1972, Salter wrote Rand document P-4874 (File:P4874- RAND Transit system.pdf). The publication was titled, "The Very High Speed Transit [VHST] System." The 17-page report detailed the technologies involved, possible attained speeds, aspects of economic and security benefits, and potential routes. This document reported achievable passenger speeds at 14,000 MPH.[4]

By 1978, Salters proposal attracted US Government officials. By February, Robert Salter submitted report number P-6092, titled, "Trans-Planetary Subway Systems: A Burgeoning Capability." This report updated route maps and extrapolated further upon the economic and technical considerations in planning the system.

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  1. Underground dwellings are not exclusive to just Earth. There are reports of colonies and bases under the Moon, Mars, and other planetary surfaces.
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  3. LA Times Article Proposes 10,000 MPH Tube-Shuttle Network?
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