Dolichocephally from Peru

OOPArt skulls are classified as out-of-place artifacts.

Nephilim skullsEdit

Real Giants Evidence has Been Hidden from the Public FULL VIDEO59:40

Real Giants Evidence has Been Hidden from the Public FULL VIDEO

Real Giants, nephilim

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Klaus Dona - Unsolved Mysteries pt.1 Giants, Elongated Skulls & Ooparts - FULL LECTURE

The term nephilim (נָפִיל nĕphiyl)[1] is a Hebrew word meaning "Giant". Nephilim skulls are of interest in giantology, for researchers like Hugh Newman, Jim Vieira,[2] Thomas Horn, Timothy Alberino and Steve Quayle.[3] The following skull types have been found with enlarged skeletons, eight to fifteen feet long,[4] reported in various archaeological accounts worldwide:[5]

  • Elongated skulls (Bolivia monolithic site)
  • Horned skulls (six accounts)[5]
  • Double row teeth skulls[6] (50 accounts)
  • Triple row teeth skulls (1 account in Florida)[5]
  • Unusually good teeth; not decayed

Reptilian skullsEdit


Reptilian deification has always had a place in human history since the earliest records of Sumeria. Many mythological stories of humanesque reptilians date back at least 6000 years ago. Reptilians were often venerated as "Gods" and are mentioned in various religious text, including the Hebrew Bible, the Quran, the Vedas, and ancient Mayan and Egyptian inscriptions.

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There are many humanoid skulls unearthed, and many of these ancient fossils are unidentifiable. Mainstream science attribute elongated skulls to Artificial cranial deformation. Ancient tribes were much more spiritualistic and impressionable than skeptics are in the modern age. So it is true that humans have purposefully deformed the heads of their people since childbirth. The question remains, why? Were they mimicking something?

Skull comparison

Skull elongation is not the only thing to be analyzed. Notice the girth of the Peruvian skulls (below) compared to the narrower human deformations. The face and jaw structures are also of interest, as they do not bare normal human facial features that the human tribes still maintain even with an elongated skull. Additionally, the Transcriptions of Lacerta (1999) state that the modern reptilians are even known to have hair follicles on their heads. Reptilians were deified as early as human records can find. Many Sumerian reptilian god and goddess statues have been unearthed at Ur.

Dolichocephally from Peru



Dolichocephally with hair[7]



Artificial cranial deformation
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Sumerian reptilian deities


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