Serpo is an alleged planet of Zeta Reticuli, however no known exoplanet has been confirmed by mainstream science.

Project SerpoEdit

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Defense Intelligence Agency

On 2 November 2005, an alleged retired official of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), who calls himself "Anonymous", supposedly revealed a 3,000-page debriefing concerning seven members of the Serpo team who returned after serving 13 years on an alleged planet called Serpo.

The claim states that on July 16, 1965, a massive alien spacecraft from the Zeta Reticuli star system landed at the Nevada test site north of Las Vegas. Following a plan set in motion by President Kennedy in 1962, the alien visitors referred to as EBEns welcomed 12 astronaut-trained military personnel aboard their craft for a 10-month journey to their home planet, Serpo, 39 light-years away. This alleged operation was known as Project Serpo which lasted between the years 1965 to '78.


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