Channeling Energy Beings

Science Fiction is an avenue for disclosure of extraterrestrial presence and paranormal phenomenon in novels, movies, and television.


There are many films and TV shows based on real UFO and paranormal events. Some claim these movies are “leaks” to the general public,[1] either by the government or by the "supernormal" beings themselves. If it's by the US government, immediate full disclosure is not the option forward. The disclosure hypothesis claims to raise awareness in the general public in a gradual manner, through "science fiction", so as to avoid the kind of panic that was experienced in 1938. If these inter-dimentionals want humans to know of their existence, what better way is there than to use movies as a vector for channelling "supernormal"[2] beings?


Dr. Karla Turner ~ MURDERED for Exposing Zeta Reticulans

(59:45) Turner addresses government preparedness for disclosure, through media channels

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