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Sacred geometry

Base pairsEdit

Earth Triangle

Giza to N.Pole to Mt. Kailas

  • Base 12 (

Many-valued logic). Compare with six fingers on each hand ( Padmasambhava[1]).

  • Base 10 (

Decimal). Modern mathematics based on base 10 (Compared with five fingers on each hand).

  • Base 6. Advanced mathematics based on base 6 (Compare with three-fingered Nazca mummies).

Numbers of interestEdit


Trinary logic, base 3, power of 3 ( Fractals).

Three-valued logic (Trinary logic) is used by Ternary computers, in which there are three truth values indicating: (1) true, (2) false and some (3) indeterminate third value.

  • Base-3 (

Ternary numeral system). A system based on three digits 0, 1, and 2; all non-negative numbers.

Balanced ternary. A system based on three digits -1, 0, and 1.

Setun, (Russian: Сетунь) was a computer developed in 1958 at Moscow State University. It was built under the leadership of Sergei Sobolev and Nikolay Brusentsov. It was the most modern ternary computer, using the balanced ternary numeral system and three-valued ternary logic instead of the two-valued binary logic prevalent in other computers.

Perfect sphereEdit

  • Kepler 11145123 (or KIC 11145123),

Scientists Just Discovered The Roundest Object in The Known Universe (2016)

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