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Species Type: Unconfirmed
Star System: unknown(possibly Riziq,same name as homeworld or Illyuwn which happens to be the name of Galaxy.)
Homeworld: Rizq
Affiliation: Various Species
First Reported: Unconfirmed
Status: unknown

Rizqiyians are childless, physical beings from the planet Rizq that endeavor to become like the Elohim (energy or light beings, angels). Among the inhabitants of Rizq are Reptilians, Dinneer, Elohim, visitors from other planets, two types of Dracos and the Marcabians-Reticulans and the Maldekians. Whenever a Human is brought to Rizq they are put in a biosphere on the continent of Zarantu which is where Enoch, and Melchezidek spent some time and also Jesus who was half-human and half-Rizqiyian. Galaxy is Illyuwn, Rizq is the Rizqiyians homeworld it is also the name of the Star System. For more on Rizqiyians follow this link:

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