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Species Type: Humanoid
Star System: Alpha Draconis
Homeworld: Drakon
Affiliation: various
Status: Active

The Saurians (or more commonly called Reptilians) are a humanoid extraterrestrial species that has been reported by many witnesses for years. They even have ties to mankind's ancient history and biblical text. They are said to be a very hostile and highly intelligent species, and are one of the most feared species in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Role in Human AffairsEdit



Known to most throughout the galaxy as the "Great Dragon Race", The Draco Reptilians have had their own place in human history for a long time. For how long, what their role was/is or even if it's true has been open for debate. However, it can't be ignored that their appearence in various times and cultures around the world is disturbing. According to a man namedBranton, The Reptilians have had plans to enslave and inbalance the human world for thousands of years, maybe even longer.

When they realized that their attempts at destablizing human civilization failed, they made plans for an invasion aproximently 12,000 years ago. This attempt was impeded by The Greys. Their second attempt is said to have occurred sometime in the 1950's, which was slightly successful and have since infiltrated the power nations of the world. This story coincides with the conspiracy theories about Reptilian shape shifters and such. Branton also speaks of the Dulce Incident in which he details meeting between United States military and Greys and their hostile relations with the Reptilians. Apparently the interference by the Greys has lead to some very hostile relations between them and the Reptilians that may lead to a full scale war sometime in the 21st century.

Conspiracy TheoriesEdit

There are a variety of conspiracy theories involving Reptilians . Some believe that The Greys are in fact reptiles, and should be categorized as "Reptoids", others that Reptoids are an entirely different species working with or in opposition to the Greys. Some conspiracy promoters, especially David Icke, have also claimed that they are capable of shape-shifting. Regardless of the various stories there is evidence that a Reptile like species has visited Earth and has been a influence on Human history, mostly in a negative way.

Stories of Reptilian humanoids date back as far as the early days of man. They are also mentioned in various religious text, including the "Holy Bible", "The Koran" and even in ancient Mayan and Egyptian writings. Many believe they were one of the few ancient visitors that taught Humans how to build. Also some have said that the Reptilians are the ones the Ancient Myans worshiped as Gods. It's unclear exactly where they originated from but many who have had contact with this species have come forward and said they are from the star system Alpha Draconis and that their homeworld is called Drakon. They are also said to have colonies in the Draco Dwarf Galaxy and in other areas of the Milky Way.

Personality and CharacteristicsEdit

Many who have encountered the Reptilian race have come forward with some very disturbing and horrifying stories, some even have evidence left in the form of scars on their bodies from being clawed by these beings. They seem to mostly abduct women, then torture and rape them in very unimaginable ways. It's unclear if they are trying any type of cross breeding but these victims have claimed to see them working along with Greys and other species. They are described as being very hostile and temperamental, uncaring towards feelings and well being of other forms of life. They are militaristic in nature according to contactees. Appearence wise they are described as being tall with scale like skin and very strong physical strength. They also possess a very strong mind and can easily control the minds of others using a highly evolved form of telepathic ability. They are said to be much older than Humans and even The Greys.

Caste SystemEdit

Acording to many eyewitnesses, the Reptilian species operate on a "caste system". The ones who are in control are the ones nicknamed by the UFO community as "Wing Dracos"; they have large wings and are said to be much larger than the average reptoid. They are also described having horns on various parts of their heads; due to these reports many have suggested that these creatures might have been responsible for the stories of Demons and even the Devil himself. Stories about Dragons might also been referenced to this race of beings. There are also reports of Reptilian/Grey Hybrids that seem to be designed to do only work, similar to the Grey drones.

Conflicts with other racesEdit

Various realiable sources have come forward over the past decade and claimed that the Draks are at war with the Orion Greys and humanity's distant cousins. Apparently this war has been going on for some time. Earth is just one front in this war.

In FictionEdit

The Reptilians have appeared in many forms of fiction such as books, TV shows and movies.

  • The television series called V is based on the stories of Reptilian shape shifters.
  • Various appearecnes in comic books, video games and novels.

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