Coast To Coast AM - May 20, 2017 Remote Viewing Experiment02:26:51

Coast To Coast AM - May 20, 2017 Remote Viewing Experiment

Interview with Lori Williams

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP) or "sensing with mind". This method was the main study of the Stargate Project. CRV Lori Williams claims to have contacted an extraterrestrial through remote viewing.[1]

Pineal glandEdit

IMG 1604

Third eye representation stimulated in blue

CRV Lori Williams remote viewed the target, pineal gland. The following are the impressions she received:

  • "cough-drop between a person's eyebrows"
  • "subconscious tether"
  • "antenna / beacon"
  • "stimulation- shades of blue"
  • "rest, deep breath, meditation"
  • "fear is a stimulus"
  • "activates while sleeping"
  • "cable to another world"
  • "The heart is to love, as the pineal gland is to the universe"
  • "allows reality to be bearable"
  • "key to home"


Follow Giantology

CRV Lori Williams was able to extract the following points from remote viewing a bigfoot consciousness in a three day period:

  • "inter-dimensional portal"
  • "cunning intelligence"
  • "deep underground" (Subterraneans)
  • "group consciousness - love is the gravity keeping us tied together, so that we do not get lost or separated"
  • "time-space portals are natural defense mechanism triggered by fear"
  • "plant diet"
  • "humans are predators"
  • "existed for millions of years"
  • "humans should use their one space-time package wisely"

Mount ShastaEdit

Mount-shasta orange

Mount Shasta (orange)

CRV Lori Williams remote viewed target unbeknown to her:

Day 1
  • "Inclined land, very mountainous"
  • "shadows scattered"
  • 50 feet above; barren dark"
  • "steep side, orange"
  • "underground, clicking sounds"
  • white shiny tunneled, hallway, square, concentric, well-planned, hidden, clicking sounds"
  • "mechanical up and down clicking sounds"
  • "motion, transportation, man-made vessels going in and out"
  • "tall regimented people, male and female, walking side by side, unison"
  • "Deep underground"
Day 2
  • "Mountainous, lots of snow, cold, undercover of night, futuristic"
  • "strange biologicals, dark haired male, lab, military, experimental, scientific"
  • "non-human, helpless, alone, sad, trapped, held against will, rare"
  • "fastidious"
  • "no longer viable"
  • "male builders: big, overworked"
  • "mastermind: human, astute, wealthy, family"
  • "powerful male, gray-haired, Caucasian"
  • "fastidious" (compare to: Fastidious organism, also Growth medium)
  • "global plans, concern, scary, all-consuming, future of mankind, maintain power"
  • "CERN"
  • "weather related, climate"
  • "interstellar beings co-op with humans, dedicated teams"
  • "preparation for preservation"
  • "Think tank, apocalyptic scenario "
  • "Big money, power, protecting status-quo"
  • "Threat to power"
  • "Awakening of the slaves" exact quote ("the meek shall inherit the Earth")
  • "The Pure"
  • "Fearlessness, a threat"
  • "Creating fear, to control the masses"
  • "small piece to larger operation"
  • "objective incomprehensible"

Killing OsamaEdit

In February 2006, Darkness Radio Episode 8: Precognition, Remote Viewing & The Stargate Program interviewed David Morehouse about the Stargate Project. A major question that was raised, was: Why haven't they found Osama bin Laden? (starts at 28:25)[2]

Five years later... on May 2nd, 2011, they did find Osama (Likely they knew his whereabouts much earlier).


  1. Coast To Coast AM (May 20, 2017) Remote Viewing Experiment with CRV Lori Williams
  2. Darkness Radio Episode 8: Precognition, Remote Viewing & The Stargate Program (Aired Feb 2006)

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