Paranormal Frequencies are anomalous signals, or paranormal messages that can be picked up by radio waves or video. In 1977, an "alien" message known as the Vrillon Message interrupted a television broadcast program in a rural area of England. In 2017, a certain team of Harvard scientists claimed that FRBs may be alien signals.

Fast radio burstsEdit

In the past decade from 2017, scientists have been trying to decode the origin of some of the most mysterious and explosive signals in the Universe, fast radio bursts (FRBs). Lasting only milliseconds, these bursts of energy are about a billion times more luminous than anything we've ever seen in our own galaxy, and seem to be traveling across vast distances. But despite having detected more than 20 of them, scientists still aren't sure where they're coming from, or what causes them. Researchers are coming to consensus of ruling out any source on Earth. A certain team of Harvard scientists claimed in March 2017 that the FRBs could actually be alien signals.[1] On May 25th, Coast to Coast AM followed this story with Linda Moulton Howe and Prof. Jim Al-Khalili.[2]

Vrillon messageEdit

Alien Vrillion from The Ashtar Galactic Command Hacking and Jamming TV Broadcast in England

Alien Vrillion from The Ashtar Galactic Command Hacking and Jamming TV Broadcast in England

Vrillion from The Ashtar Galactic Command

The Vrillon Message was sent 26 November 1977 by the Ashtar Galactic Command by one of their operatives whose name is "Vrillon". Their message was simple: they ordered Mankind to end their conflicts and make peace with one another. This message was broadcasted where it was picked up by television sets only within a small area of England.

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WOW signalEdit


The "Wow signal" was an anomylous signal that occured on August 15th 1977, picked up by a radio telescope located at Ohio State University. The telescope was scanning the stars searching for possible extraterrestrial signals as part of the SETI project. The telescope recorded an incredibly strong signal appearing to come from somewhere in the direction of Sagittarius; the signal only lasted about a minute and was never detected again.[3]

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