Mars oppositions 2003-2018

Opposite Earth is a hypothetical concept that is (1) an alternate Earth that lies opposite of the Sun, or (2) exists in the same orbital space as the Earth we currently know, but functions in an alternate reality. This concept may be associated with the "bubbles" (traversing from one bubble into another, or from one opposite/alternate reality into another) that Lacerta describes in the Transcriptions of Lacerta (1999). It may also be related to the Lokas or Talas in Hindu Mythology, that was referred to in Memorandum 6751 (Declassified and disclosed by the US government in 2010).[1] The placement of Opposite Earth cannot be seen because it hypothetically does not share the same particles of matter that the Earth we know has. In this respect, every planet could have its opposite existing in this type of alternate reality. The modern works of Richard Sharpe Shaver seem to suggest other worlds that might be functioning in these alternate type realities.

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Planetary opposition Mars opposition Microcosm
Venus geocentric orbit curve simplified Line (pentagram).svg

The pentagram of planetary opposition to Earth as it is positioned at the centre of the diagram. The curve represents the direction and distance of a planet, typically Mars or Venus, as a function of time.

Mars oppositions 2003-2018

Although a map of Earth's oppositions to Mars, this diagram may stimulate the concept for "Other Earth" in aexisting in another reality

12 carbon

In the microcosm of Carbon, with 6 electrons, the first two electrons go in the first orbital, and the next 4 go into the second orbital.

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