Malachi Z is one of many aliases of Dwight York (born June 26, 1945), a convicted child molester who founded the Nuwaubian Nation. His teachings over the past thirty years included baroque cosmology, unconventional theories about race and human origins, cryptozoological and extraterrestrial speculations, black nationalism, conspiracy theory, and religious practices invented or borrowed from many existing religions.


Malachi Z claimed to be the Biblical incarnation of "Yaanuwn" the 19th of 24 Elders. He named a planet, Rizq to be where the Eloheem came from. He Rizq is said to be the eighth planet of a three-sun system, with 38 moons and 19 planets, called Illyuwn. The three suns are called Utu, Shamash and Apsu (these are also the names of Mesopotamian gods):

Rizq has a very abstract orbit. It goes past Utu first and around to Shamash and up and around to Apsu and back to Utu. The three suns are also moving. The whole motion looks like an atom. As it passes by these 3 suns, it goes through 3 nights in one day. There is a certain point that is called the "Bright Day" where the light from all three suns shine on the planet from all sides, however, this is also the most dangerous point for the planet.

Rizq has three continents (Darnuriyya, Kusmusta, and Zarantu), and three “dimensions” which York compares to the solid, liquid and gas states of matter, although he says in actuality what we call liquid and gas (and even things like electricity) are considered by the Rizqiyians to be varieties of “solid.” There is also a biosphere on in each continent.


Rizqiyians are childless, physical beings from the planet Rizq that endeavor to become like the Elohim (energy or light beings, angels). Among the inhabitants of Rizq are Reptilians, Dinneer, Elohim, visitors from other planets, two types of Dracos and the Marcabians-Reticulans and the Maldekians. Whenever a Human is brought to Rizq they are put in a biosphere on the continent of Zarantu which is where Enoch, and Melchezidek spent some time and also Jesus who was half-human and half-Rizqiyian. Galaxy is Illyuwn, Rizq is the Rizqiyians homeworld it is also the name of the Star System.

According to Malachi Z, Rizq is also home to the Eloheem, who came to earth and played a role in the creation of humans, who represent them in various ways in their mythologies. These Eloheem came from Rizq to Earth to find gold and other resources for Rizq. Rizq had been attacked in the course of a galactic civil war, and had lost its protective ozone layer, and so needed gold to construct a dome to protect its inhabitants from intense solar radiation.

They had 30-mile-long transport ships that they constructed relatively locally on Mars and the dark side of the Moon, and a planet-sized ship called “Nibiru”, two-or-three times the size of the Earth, which is capable of light-speed travel.

The Rizqiyians first stopped at a planet called Kesiyl in the Orion constellation, where they were attacked by the Reptilians. Then they sent out android scouts to find a gold-rich planet,it later found Earth. They set up bases on the Moon and on Mars (the Martian canals were said to have been built then), and began to extract gold to send back to Rizq.




There are over SEVENTY different spices of GREYS . THE GREYS are really a crossbreed between humans and REPTILIANS SPECIES . The GREYS are being used as slaves by the REPTILIANS . The most common GREY are THE RUMARDIANS , who are BENEVOLENT , THE RETICULANS , NAARIANS Malevolent MARKABIANS ( malevolent ) . The RUMARDIANS are biological entities grafted from various EXTRATERRESTRIAL species . The MARKABIANS are a mixture of the RUMARDIANS and the REPTILIANS . When the REPTILIANS captured the benevolent RUMARDIANS , They used cows nervous system to breed the Malevolent MARKABIANS . The GREYS beings have been abducting humans for many centuries . ZETA RETICULANS are divided into two social classes, one being more HAWISH than the other . The more peaceful of the two , appears more reclined and has demonstrated a more tolerate attitude towards humans . The other class is more abrupt , blunt and crude towards humans . The RETICULANS - NAARIANS are originally from ZETA RETICULI . They are 4 1/2 feet tall , with gray smooth skin . they have no hair on their thin bodies . They have pear shaped heads with big faces consisting of large black eyes ( like cows ? ) with no pupils , a very small nose and a small slit - like mouth . They have long necks that can stretch the length of thier arms . They are normal in size including their hands that have five fingers . They absorb nutrrients through their skin . They have legs normal to their body length . They have fully developed sexual organs . Their feet are much like a monkey's yet their appperance is moer like humans . They are aggressive in nature and also show faer of humans . They can communicate by speaking any lanuage , They also communicate TELEPATHICALLY .


York's proposed planet Rizq is mostly rejected by critics and his stories are mostly considered to be false, nothing more than one man's fantasy. However, some researchers in paranormal studies and ufology believe some of what York says to be true. Highly regarded members of his organization are now stating that the recently discovered HD 188753 proves that tri-star solar systems are a reality and that this discovery conforms to the prophecy of the existence of the planet Rizq and the tri-star solar system Illyuwn that York has written about.

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