Life Among the Piutes is the autobiography of Sarah Winnemucca, a Paiute princess and a major figure in the history of Nevada; her tribe still resides primarily in the state. In her book, Winnemucca tells of the legend of the red-haired giants of Nevada's Lovelock Cave.


Life Among the Piutes deals with Winnemucca's life and the plight of the Paiute Indians. She records historical events from a unique perspective by managing to record the Native American viewpoint of whites settling the West, told in a language that was not her own and during the time when even white women were not allowed to vote. Sarah Winnemucca dedicated her life to improving the living and social conditions for her people. She gave more than 400 speeches across the United States and Europe to gain support for the Paiutes. She died of tuberculosis in 1891. Life Among the Piutes was originally published in 1883.[1]

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  1. Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs And Claims

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