The Lacerta Files are transcripts of at least two known interviews with a reptilian called "Lacerta" (a pseudoname).


The 1999 interview introduces a race of reptilians who have lived on Earth for millions of years. They evolved from a particular line of dinosaur into present day Saurians. The interviewee, Lacerta discusses the appearance, culture, and evolution of the Saurians. They presently live in advanced subterranean tunnel and cavern systems. She also highlights the relationship that the Sauians once had with humans on a more spiritual, religious level. The origins of humankind is also discussed along with the ensuing conflicts of the greater races. Lacerta discloses the presence of extraterrestrials presently on Earth.

Lacerta follows up with a 2000 interview relating some of her thoughts about the human reactions that were given about her first 1999 interview. She touches on the origins of the human philosophies of "Good and Evil". The interview then progresses into concepts of High energy physics. Lacerta then conveys ideas about the illusions of the universe, which could be surmised by the evolving theory of a holographic Universe (Compare the works of Michael Talbot). Reverse engineering UFOs, the alien agenda, and Lacerta's initial contact with a human is discussed. The interview then concludes with some details about her subterranean dwelling.

Lacerta filesEdit

The following are terms and concepts of the transcripts:



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