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Nazca mummiesEdit

"I think we may be on to one of the bigger discoveries of human history" - Jay Weidner



NAZCA, PERU - Former investigative journalist Jay Weidner reported the discovery of an anomalous mummified body in Nazca, Peru in late June 2017. The mummy has a slightly elongated skull, three long digits on each hand and on each foot. The mummification appears to be coated in a type of white powder. Five countries are doing independent recombinant DNA testing on the decomposed tissue found beneath the white coating (Coast to Coast AM (Friday - June 23, 2017): Evidence for ETs & Disclosure, interview with Jay Weidner). Three similar mummies were also found alongside this one. The main body is named "Maria". The three smaller mummies also have three digits on each hand and foot, but do not appear to be the same species as "Maria". Scans of one of the smaller mummies show three transparent misshapen objects, what appear to be eggs inside the body.

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Searching for extraterrestrial proofEdit

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Josh Gates

This fall, adventurer extraordinaire Josh Gates will be searching for proof of extraterrestrial life in an epic four-part investigation titled Expedition Unknown: Hunt for ExtraTerrestrials. According to Deadline Hollywood, production is underway and the special is scheduled to air sometime in October 2017. On this new Expedition Unknown special, Josh will trek across four continents to search for proof that life exists on other planets. Serving as host and executive producer of Expedition Unknown: Hunt For ExtraTerrestrials, Josh Gates travels from the deserts of Chile to the African wilderness, and on to one of the planet’s most remote islands on a quest to uncover the truth behind the legends and mysteries regarding extraterrestrial encounters.

Deathbed confessionsEdit

"I saw aliens and Roswell UFO" CIA agent in shock deathbed confession on Area 51

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Former CIA officer Area 51 deathbed confession

AN ALLEGED former CIA agent and military officer gave a shocking deathbed "confession" in which he claimed to have seen living extraterrestrials and alien space craft secretly stored in the mysterious Area 51 US Air Force base.

By JON AUSTIN, Mon, Jun 5, 2017

[An anonymous former CIA officer] was sent in to Area 51 on a research mission to report back to President Dwight Eisenhower, who warned of an alien invasion.

The claims were made in a video interview in which the 77-year-old man could be clearly seen, but he was not named.

UFO author Richard Dolan interviewed the man who said he was facing kidney failure if an operation was unsuccessful, and may have just months to live.

He claimed to have served in the US Army, worked for the CIA, and worked on the US Air Force Project Blue Book–on studies into UFOs.

CIA Agent Confession about Aliens & UFO's54:27

CIA Agent Confession about Aliens & UFO's

His most shocking claim was to have been taken inside Area 51 to see a variety of UFOs allegedly recovered by the US military.

These were said to include a flying saucer said to have crash landed at Roswell, New Mexico, in July 1947.

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Starchild Skull updateEdit

3 June 2017

Starchild skull 1

Starchild skull

Melanie Young, who possesses the Starchild Skull received the DNA test results after an exhaustive 18 year process since 1999, to identify what was thought to be a 900-year-old extraterrestrial or hybrid skull. The results showed that the skull was in fact of a 100% human, five-year old male and that the dating of the skull was actually 500 years old. In 1999, only a few labs were doing ancient DNA work and the cost for a complete analyse was beyond what anyone could afford. Young credited investigator Chase Kloetzke with connecting her to the proper resources to help determine the anomalous skull's true origins. Its unusual appearance was due to 14 major abnormalities, and up to 20 minor deficiencies. In fact, the most amazing thing is how the child could have lived up to five years old with the conditions he suffered. After comparing the skull side-by-side with other skulls and analyzing previous DNA tests, Young was satisfied with the results of it being 100% human, and does not plan to pursue the project any further.

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Older newsEdit

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