Humanoid is a term used by experiencers and ufologists to describe beings, usually of extraterrestrial origin, who resemble or have the appearance, or form of a Human. In the 1950s humanoids were popularized as "Nordics". In the mid 1990s, they were referred to as Evadamics. In 2010, Brian Onley reinvents them in his vimeo presentation, The Book of Man. Onely refers to these same entities as the "Tribe of Man". By extension, humanoids could also be "hybrids", or "hu-brids".

Some are wary about using the term "humanoid" too extensively, because in terms of appearance, even modern-day Reptilians have a human or "humanoid" form. Ufologists often want to make a clear distinction between reptilians and the human-like beings, usually due to the stigma that "reptilians are bad" and anything "human-like is good". The stigma has even gone as far as claiming that all reptilians are draconian and soulless[1] and that all the human based life-forms "evadamics" are the "good guys".[2] However, for all intensive purposes, humanoid is just a fair term to describe what a contactee or experiencer has witnessed, whether human-like, reptilian, or mantis.

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