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HMF symbol

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Type: Fan Website
Founded: 2004
Motto: For the Fans, By the Fans
Status: Active
Site Link:

HorrorMovieFans(aka HMF) Is a Horror fan website that was formed largley out of the ashes of the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) forurms. Many of the sites founding members branched away from the IMBD boards and formed their own little website. According to some the site first started on Pro-Boards then later got it's own domain name, thurs HMF was formed. Over the years it has grown from a small time fan site to a well known horror fan community. As of 2008 the site has spawned a online radio show called HMF Radio Network (the show has since spawned some sister shows) and has become a reconized name in the world of Horror films. It's also known for it's support of those in the Paranormal Investigation field.

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