The Hollowman film is an alleged 16mm film that was taken at Hollowman​ AFB, New Mexico in May 1971 that captured three disc-shaped craft approaching the AFB. One landed, and the other two flew off. The craft that landed allegedly shows a door opening with three human-sized beings stepping out. The beings were described by Paul Shartle as having "an odd gray complexion and a pronounced nose". They wore tight-fitting jumpers and had what appeared to be a "translator" devise in their hands. The description of the film ends with a base commander and a few officers coming out to meet them.

Robert Emenegger, author of UFOs: Past, Present, and Future, claimed to have made an inquiry about the Hollowman film to Col. George Weinbrenner at Wright-Patterson AFB. Although Weinbrenner did not verbally confirm or deny the film's existence, his "odd behavior" to the inquiry suggested that the rumor of the film was true.

Linda Moulton Howe reported on this story in 1989.


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