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Hollowman Road (2008)

Hollowman Road
Haunting Type: Class C
Location: Mesquite, Texas
Property Type: Road, Private
Status: Active

Hollowman Road (aka Old Hollowman Road) is a closed down trail located in Mesquite, Texas off of Lawson Road and Cartright Road. Numerous sightings of a "goat man" have been reported in this area.

The homeEdit

There is a solitary home that has sat for many years abandoned on Hollowman Road and is the only structure on this road. Brave teenagers and Ghost hunters have walked the road at night; some have come back and reported strange happenings. Stories and alleged sightings of a demon that locals called "goat Man" have been reported more than once. The road became such a danger that the city closed the road off. Witnesses become overwhelmed by a sense of dread and of being watched, even in broad daylight. In the 80s, a Dallas man killed a young woman and her young son and dumped their bodies on that dark and brooding road (this is easily checked, as the case was just solved in the last year or so).


For decades the city denied anyone permission to do a paranormal investigation of the site; in the early 2000's they agreed to let a team of investigators from the Texas Paranormal Foundation do a one night investigation of the road. The results have never been released publicly by the organization. In 2008 the road was reopened when the land near the road was purchased by a industrial developer.

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