Guy Hottel

Guy Hottel (1902-1990)

Guy Hottel (1902-1990) was a special agent in charge of the FBI's Washington Field Office. The information concerning Hottel is in a March 22, 1950 memo that he sent to the FBI Director concerning flying saucers.[1]

New MexicoEdit

Guy Hottel relates that three downed craft were recovered in New Mexico. His informant indicated that the craft were downed due to US government high powered radar interference that affected the controlling mechanism of the flying saucers. Some dispute the "radar" claim, and suggest that it was more likely from electromagnetic anomalies. Others indicate that all UFO incidents were intentionally crashed for US government recovery.


The memo does not state where or in what time-frame in New Mexico the three craft were downed. Hottel could have been referring to either three separate incidents in New Mexico, or up to two or three ships in one location.

  1. Roswell UFO incident in Roswell, New Mexico, June 1947
  2. Aztex UFO incident in Aztec, New Mexico, March 1948[2]
  3. Pending


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Guy Hottel MemoEdit

Memorandum - Guy Hottel

Memorandum- Guy Hottel (1950 Mar 22)

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