Evadamic (EVAs) is a term that was somewhat popularized in the 1990s,[1][2] which had evolved from the expression "Nordic", to identify humanoid extraterrestrials. The etymology of Evadamic is the conjunction of the Hebrew words, Eve (חַוָּה Chavvah) and Adam (אָדָם 'adam). In the mid '90s, the online User:Xfile described these beings as "entities which may be considered to be soul-matrixed members of the human races OR the 'angelic' benevolent beings who seek to influence them for the good".[2] Evadamic is a human naming convention, not used by these beings to identify themselves. The term "soul-matrixed" that Xfile used, refers to beings with a soul, whereas the "draconians" are said to be soulless. However, there is still some uncertainty about the clear intentions of these many races who allegedly either side with a "galactic federation" or "draconian" agenda.

In the 1950s the humanoids were popularized as Nordics. In 2010, Brian Onley reinvents them in his vimeo presentation, The Book of Man. Onely refers to these same entities as the "Tribe of Man".


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