Enigmas, in the paranormal, are puzzling or inexplicable occurrences or situations that appear to have a pattern. They come in many different forms. The most common are numerical patterns often seen in "sacred geometry".



  • Council of Five, operates succinctly from the Council of Nine. Horace Drew claims that a binary message from the EMERTHER race has warned mankind of what appears to be an impending invasion or second coming of the Anunnaki. Another warning message requests that Humans stop sending signals into Space, as it is drawing negative attention to us.


  • The Council of Nine, may be traced back as early as the Egyptian Ennead, but may go further back to the Osirian civilization as early as 34,000 years ago (See Timeline, Epic of Anunnaki, 34,000 BCE). Lab-9, based out of Glen Cove, Maine, claims to have channeled the The Nine through D. G. Vinod. Their nature seemed benevolent and many Hollywood Stars were welcomed to participate in the experience around the 1960s. However, Brian Onley, who presents The Book of Man, believes that The Nine has sinister intentions. Onley likens them to Puppet Masters, "THEY" who are behind the Illuminati (or Cabal).
  • The Nine Muses, goddesses of the arts, were honored by the Library of Alexandria that had been dedicated to them by Ptolemy I Soter, one of the four generals of Alexander the Great. Some have proposed that Alexander had ties to the Illuminati. However, Brian Onley argues that Alexander's contribution to the Library of Alexandria, a symbol for the freedom of information, does not fit an Illuminati agenda.[1]


  • There are fifteen non-human "races" that have a vested interest in Earth according to the Lacerta File 1999 (Commentary). There is some speculation that out of the fifteen, nine aligned into the Council of Nine. It is currently not clear if the other six collaborate with each other. Santori's Alien Races Book suggests that the Nine have recently concentrated their efforts into a Council of Five. Lacerta File 1999 (Commentary) states that three of the fifteen non-human "races" are hostiles against Humans. Brian Onley, who presents The Book of Man, warns that The Nine has ill intentions toward Humans.



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  • The Book of Man, a Vimeo series that presents short video clips as Enigmas


  1. Nature of Reality Radio, Interview with Brian Onley

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