Emil strainu la generic principal

Emil Străinu (b. 30 April 1957)

Emil Străinu (b. 30 April 1957) is a general in the Romanian army reserve and former politician. He is a specialist in radar and the founder of the Association for the Study of Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena (ASFAN). He has published numerous books and articles in UFO research, airspace by methods of geophysical radar guns, and climatological phenomenon.[1] For many years he has claimed that reptilians exist and that they have huge underground bases.[2]

Published worksEdit

  • UFO parallel universes Publishing UMC 1994
  • Swords god Mars - radio-electronic war , the Advanced Military Studies Academy Press, 1996
  • UFO secret military archives , (co-author) Publisher Majadahonda, 1999;
  • Men In Black - Police alien Publishing Z 2000 1999;
  • Intelligence and UFOs , Publisher Z 2000;
  • UFOs and secret services , Ed Solaris Print, Bucharest, 2008, ISBN 9789738885318
  • UFO - Investigators of few Publishing Triumf, Bucharest, 2008, ISBN 973-7634-29-2
  • Elster operation. The terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 inspired by a plan conceived by Hitler in 1943!? Brasov, Solaris, 2009 ISBN 978-606-92077-5-8 .
  • Operation Elster , Armageddon Collection - Volume 2, Ed Solaris Print, Bucharest, 2009, ISBN 606-92077-5-8
  • A UFO for Hitler , Armageddon Collection - Volume 1, Ed Solaris Print, Bucharest, 2009, ISBN 9786069207710
  • Fuhrer and final weapon , Armageddon Collection - Volume 3, Ed Solaris Print, Bucharest, 2009, ISBN 9786069207789


  1. Col. dr. Emil Streinu: War geophysical - environmental modification techniques for military purposes in Nexus Magazine , Year I, no. 3 (October-November 2005)
  2. Is There A Connection Between Reptilians and Vampires? by Lon Strickler

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