Ata, the 6-inch humanoid

Ata is the mummified remains of what looks like a 6-inch "space alien",[1] but is in fact human.[2] The Atacama skeleton, nicknamed "Ata", was discovered in Chile’s Atacama Desert around 2003, and has gone through different hands and ownership since then.


Ata is the 6-inch (150 mm; 15 cm)-long skeletal remains of a human. No genes for dwarfism were found during the genetic analysis performed by Garry Nolan and his team. The Pediatric radiologist, Ralph Lachman, said that dwarfism could not account for all the features found in Ata.[3] The Barcelona Radiographic evaluation report indicated that the proportion of the spine, and its extremities are "normal" in proportion to its body-size. According to Lachman, "this specimen does not fall under any known, to me, class of disorders or syndromes." The specimen is reported to have lived at least 6 to 8 years old, based on the examination of the epiphyseal plates in the knees.[4][5]

Nolan reportEdit

“I can say with absolute certainty that it is not a monkey. It is human — closer to human than chimpanzees. It lived to the age of six to eight. Obviously, it was breathing, it was eating, it was metabolizing. It calls into question how big the thing might have been when it was born,” said Garry Nolan, director of stem cell biology at Stanford University’s School of Medicine in California.[1]



Santori's Alien Races - The Ellina

Ata may be evidence for the Ellinas, mentioned in Santori's Alien Races, humanoids (sharing very similar DNA and physiological systems) who are the basis for many of the mythologies surrounding "elves",[6] and possibly "brownies" and "dwarfs". Note that Neanderthals are 99.5% genetically identical to humans, and chimps and apes are 96-97% identical.


Ata was featured in Steven M. Greer's Sirius (2013) as a candidate for extraterrestrial evidence. Greer also mentions that the reports from Ramon Navia-Osorio Villar and his associates who traveled to the Atacama region, had obtained information from local native peoples of sightings of UFOs, and very small living creatures fitting the general description of this "humanoid". There are also reports that other intact humanoids may be stored in various remote sites and locations. These reports have not been confirmed.[7]

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