The Droxx
Species Type: Unconfirmed
Star System: Unknown
Homeworld: Unknown
Affiliation: none
First Reported: 1999
Status: Active

The Droxx (aka Drox') are a non-biological Extraterrestrial speices, just recently learned of in the late 20th and early 21st centurries. More than one contactee have come forward over the last decade and revealed some information regarding this species, they are discribed as being of non-biological origin and travel threw out the known universe, collecting resources they need from planets as they move on. They are said to work has a hive mind and are extreamly malevolent and exsist only to serve themselves. The name Droxx was given to them by a contactee that in 1999 alegedly made some telepathic contact with a different visiting race of beings that warned her about this species, she stated that the name means "world enders".


Very limited information is avalible about this species. In 2004 at a UFO covention in Houston, Texas two different people made statements about these beings. One said that they are a future threat to Humans and Earth do to their malevolent nature and reputation for taking resources from any world with no regard for the life that may exsist there. In 2008 a woman named Alexis came forward at a Convention in Arizona with what she claimed was information given to her by The Greys, claiming that the Droxx plan on attacking Earth sometime between the years 2012 and 2013. However her claims have been met with much skeptisim as has the exsistence of this race of beings by many in the Paranormal Community, do to little information and references to back up the claims. But others remain convinced that regardless of the claims made by Alexis, the Droxx could be a threat to mankind in the future if there is was a form of contact made.

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