The Draconians, gleaned by the chanuphis,[2] are the scientific-military-political wing of the reptilians.


The origins of reptilians are Earth beings, who were seeded by the Reptoids of Lokas or Talas. They are sauria blooded descendants of the Iguanadon. They evolved over a 160 million time span. Only in the past 10 million years did they finally become an advanced civilization to develop their own space program under the Draconian wing. Since the Draconians established bases on other planets and moons in the Solar System, some might have been born on them. Therefore, not all Draconians are indigenous to Earth and so could be considered extraterrestrial.[3]


The reptilians are often misunderstood by anti-Draco activists like David Icke, David Wilcock, and Corey Goode who are victims of being lied to by authorities and "insiders". So it must be noted that the labels and names attributed to the reptilians, are only human terms. The reptilians do not use the same words that humans use to identify them.[4] The label Draconian is purely a human expression and human identification.[5]

Caution is rightly due when one looks upon the symbol of the Ouroboros. As it is the nature of indigenous reptiles, the Draconians are very territorial. The Ouroboros is a symbol of pride for all reptilians who have colonized the Solar System, but also serves as a warning to humans that one is in their territory. A human will not be received in kind, if an attempt is made to access their domains marked by the Ouroboros. Humans are warned to vacate immediately.[4]

The reptilian colonies of the Solar System are represented on the Ouroboros flag as: the Moon, Mars, Venus, and four moons of Jupiter and Saturn. These seven colonies are depicted by seven white stars on a blue background. Two of the seven colonies are now abandoned. Being well established on Earth, the reptilians as a whole, were at one time venerated as Gods.[4]

Antediluvian agesEdit

About 5 million years ago, a race of extraterrestrials came down to Earth. The Transcriptions of Lacerta refers to them as the Illojim.[6] They are identified in Sumerian cuneiform script as the Anunnaki. They came to the Earth to harvest raw materials. Zecharia Sitchin determined that one of the raw materials of interest was gold. However that resource was either a misinterpretation, a false guise, or just one out of a few other materials of interest. After all, the Earth is rich in many minerals and elements, especially conductors of electricity, power, and atomic energy. The Anunnaki were known for enslaving beings such as the IGIGI (Sumerian). According to Sumerian creation records, rebellions and wars broke out, a sort of "clash of the Titans". It is not clear if the IGIGI were the reptilians, but nonetheless, the Anunnaki presented a threat to all reptilian societies on Earth, and is probably why the reptilians had burrowed underneath the surface of the Earth.

Human relationsEdit


Reptilian distain for humans is based on a symbol for what mankind as a whole represent. The secret of that symbol lies with the Eloheem. Outside of that, they "like" humans very much. What really seethes them under their bright green armored plates is the fact that humans think who they are. The humans are naive to believe they are "on top of the food chain". But it's not all the humans' fault, because that's how they were programmed to believe from "the begining".[4]


The reptilians and the humans are both Earth dwellers. Although there are congregations of reptilians who do not favor humans, there does seem to be consensus that extinction of the human race is not necessary. One advocate of the reptilians professes that, "we (reptilians) are not your enemy." [4]


There are three hostile extraterrestrial races toward humans. They possess the ability to confuse and manipulate their victims. They have been known to project the appearance of looking reptilian, to evoke dread or to contain a situation. This tactic is common even amongst humans, such as the Boston Tea Party when the Sons of Liberty guised themselves as Native Americans to manipulate a situation. Since there are warring factions amongst the extraterrestrials, disguise is a common practice, especially in abduction cases where the hostiles are in pursuit of raw materials such as: DNA, cells, eggs, and blood plasma.[4] The reptilians often get the brunt of negative misinformation from survivors who are released to tell their stories.


Main page: Disclosure Demanding disclosure may be ill advised. All will be revealed at its proper time. Neither the US government, nor any other world government has many options, but to side with whoever is stronger. So if secrecy is the order of the day, then the government under its control will comply. Just as the old saying goes, "If you can't beat em, join em."

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