Colonies are alleged celestial habitats of various extraterrestrials, throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.




The colonies listed below are grouped by Constellation family. Many ufologists attempt to label these locations as "homeworlds". However, due to the plethora of inconsistent data, there is no empirical evidence or absoluteness to verify that any of these beings were created, evolved or spawned from these locations. It could also be argued that all of these intelligences were produced right here on Earth, aeons ago, and spread out to inhabit these other worlds. Thus the more appropriate term "colonies" is used, especially as many of the same races, species, or same-type beings are occupying multiple locations throughout the galaxy.

Terms like "Nordics" and "Grey alien" are avoided, and replaced with Humanoids and Reptoids in an effort to see these beings without the labels that arbitrarily associate them to Draconianism. Further, the nomenclature of adding the suffix -an to the end of a planet or system is avoided as reasonably as possible. Only for example, an Andromedean is the equivalent of calling a human, a Milky Way-an. Due to lack of sufficient data, identifying beings this way cannot always be avoided, as in the case of "The Orange"[1] people, or "Orangean"[2]. The naming conventions alone drastically show Humans' lack of real knowledge of these beings.

Hercules familyEdit

  1. Humanoid colonies (Nor'man)[6]
  2. Infiltration colony (D'aul)[6]
  1. Humanoid colony[3] (Tal'man)[5]
  2. Reptoid colony[9]
  1. Humanoid colony[10] (Orangean,[2] or The Orange[1])
  2. EBE (Eban) colony[11]

Heavenly WatersEdit


La Caille familyEdit


Orion familyEdit

  1. Humanoid colonies[12]
  2. Insectoid colony[12]
  3. Reptoid colony[12] (D'ouw)[6]
Canis Major
  1. Reptoid colony[9] (D'ouw)[6]
  2. Humanoid colony (Tal'man)[5]
Canis Minor

Perseus familyEdit


Ursa Major familyEdit

Ursa Major

Zodiac familyEdit

The Sun gates


  • Altimar, proposed by Richard Boylan[16] (Possibly linked to Barnard's Star)[17]
  • Janos, contactees have purportedly been to this alleged planet in an unknown location.[2]
  • Korender, alleged planet by Gabriel Green[2]


Some mainstream theorists have proposed "potential" systems for extraterrestrial intelligence.


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