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Bloody Disgusting
Type: Fan Website
Founded: 2002
Status: Active
Site Link:

Bloody Disgusting is a website that covers horror movies with reviews, interviews and news. It is currently run by Brad Miska (Mr Disgusting) and Tom Owen. The site allegedly has 1 million unique visitors and 20 million page views each month. It is widely considered to be the "world's most popular horror website." In 2007, it was purchased by The Collective, a Beverly Hills based management company.


Bloody Disgusting was one of the first online challengers to horror mainstays like Fangoria (magazine). It also presents the horror convention Horror Hound. Recently, it has seen some competition from Comcast, Sony's Fearnet and faced challenges from compiting websites. But unlike competitors such as Fearnet or Fangoria, Bloody-Disgusting is largely "independent" with Miska and Owen maintaining editorial control. The Sci Fi chose it as their site of the week in August 2007. In 2008 the site launched Bloody-Disgusting TV, a online based web show that does interviews, on movie set visits and more.

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