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Alien abductions is a phenomenon where humans are typically taken against their will by non-human entities or beings. The abduction of Barney and Betty Hill in 1961 is the first event for U.S. public awareness of an age old phenomena.

Alien agendaEdit

Reptilians & March Against Monsanto; hosted by Richard Syrett (May 14, 2017)01:33:11

Reptilians & March Against Monsanto; hosted by Richard Syrett (May 14, 2017)

Interview with Len Kasten

Len Kasten, lead investigator from the National Investigations Committee On Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), defines "alien" as a hybrid being that has no soul, and more distinctly no heart chakra (Anahata). These beings, who Kasten identifies as The Greys (a type of reptoid), have been abducting Humans in behalf of a sinister "4th dimensional" reptilian race. Kasten claims that if these types of reptilians desire to enter the third dimension, they must consume human blood in order to maintain occupancy in the material world. Abductions are usually conducted for harvesting DNA, or other biological materials usually for cloning, hybridization, and reproduction agendas. Abductions are also a proponent for Human trafficing.[1] The Saurian type reptilians are often mistaken and clumped together with these "4th dimensionals" by anti-Draco activists.[2] John Rhodes, founder of Reptoids Research Center explains the different varieties of reptilian in relation to Earth, in his 2017 interview with Coast To Coast AM (2nd hour).[3]



Weighing a person's heart

A reptoid being in Egyptian culture named, Amemet, known as the "eater of hearts",[4] devoured the hearts of men who were judged guilty, should their hearts weigh heavier than the feather. Amemet bore the head of a crocodile, the fore of a lion and the rear of a hippopotamus. This image is depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics of a person's heart being placed on a scale, then counterbalanced by a feather that represents Maat, the goddess of truth and justice. If the heart was equal in weight to the feather, the person was justified and achieved immortality. If not, it was devoured by the crocodile headed Amemet.[5]

Popular cultureEdit

  • The X-Files (1992)
  • Communion (1987)
  • Intruders (1992)
  • Fire in the Sky (1993)
  • The Fourth Kind (2009)

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