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Aldebaran is a star system that is said to be the home of the Anunnaki (Illojim).[1]

Aldebaran-Sun comparison-en.svg

Image showing scale size of Aldebaran, "the red one", to our sun


The star, Aldebaran, is an orange giant sun, meaning it has moved off from the main sequence and exhausted the supply of hydrogen in the core. It has a spectral class of K5 III.[2]


In 1993, a satellite signature was detected orbiting the orange giant star Aldebaran, 65 light-years away. In 2015, researchers came to a conclusion that there is likely, what they call an exoplanet, orbiting Aldebaran that is consistent with the original calculations, and also compatible with stellar activity. The orbiting planet is catalogued as Aldebaran b.[3]

Hindu mythologyEdit

In Hindu astrology, Aldebaran is identified as the lunar mansion Rohini ("the red one") and as one of the twenty-seven daughters of Daksha and the wife of the god Chandra (moon).


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